How Does Your Garden Grow?

It's that time of year again!  We're on our second year of gardening and sure have learned a lot.  This year we added one more smaller box and still have peppers to get in the ground.  This past weekend we planted our corn, zucchini, and lettuce.  The strawberries from last year are taking off and are already covered in blooms.  The raspberries are doing well and already growing nicely.  We planted two new raspberry bushes this year, black raspberries, but they aren't looking too hot.  They're still just a stick in the ground with no growth.  I'm hoping they're still settling in and will take off soon.  Let me know if  any of you garden and send me your blog so I can follow along with your gardening successes!



My wimpy lettuce.  I'm hoping they perk up soon and get bigger.


Corn - we have on whole bed of corn this year because it did so well last year and was very yummy!

Overall view of garden.  This year we also added a fence.  Last year I tried peppers and as soon as anything grew, something (rabbits maybe?) stripped them.  So I never got any peppers.


  1. Your garden looks great. It's always so fun to see the new growth and to anticipate the bounty of the coming harvest!

  2. Lovely garden! We had to add a fence this year, too- but for deer. :-)

    Thanks for participating int he TGP!
    An Oregon Cottage