May 16 Garden Update

Raspberries are still doing well. Just wish there were more than five or six ready at a time.

Zucchini. These things are going crazy!


Lima Beans




Mr. Owl. Our kids' swingset gets covered with bird poo. A friend said that they got a fake owl and they haven't had bird problems so we thought we'd try it for the garden to see if it would keep them away from the strawberries. But from the poo on the owl's head I'd say it's not working! Next step, as offered from Jamie at An Oregon Cottage, we'll get some black netting to cover the strawberries with.



The corn is getting taller, finally. We've had a ton of rain this past week but I think it's doing the garden some good.
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  1. All your stuff looks great! I wish my zuchini looked as good as yours. I am beginning to worry. Last year both of mine did not produce. I am the only person I know that couldn't get a zuchini to grow!

  2. Looks like everything is doing great!

  3. Your garden is really looking good! I look forward to seeing how your solution for keeping the birds out of the strawberries works!

  4. Vicki- I got such a laugh out of the owl- yea, I'd agree that if the birds are not afraid to sit on his head, I don't think it's working. ;-)

    And I, too, have had years where I couldn't grow zucchini- talk about demoralizing! But lately they've been doing good though I had to promise my husband I wouldn't plant more than one or two plants, :-)

    Thanks for the update at the Tuesday Garden Party!

  5. Love the owl! Wonder if it would scare the bunnies? Probably not - they act like they own the place and nothing scares them!

  6. Lovely beds! I have never tried zucchini in pots... have you done it before?
    Just touring from oregon cottage:)