Menu Plan

We were supposed to go out tonight for my husband's birthday but thanks to the lovely snow our babysitter, aka my mom, can't make it.  So...not sure what we'll do tonight.

~Breaded Catfish, calico beans, cornbread
~Soup, garlic bread (just canned soup I had bought and we've never eaten.  Plus we have swim lessons two nights a week for the next four weeks so this will help time-wise.)
~Quesadillas:  chicken and cheese for family, veggie and black bean for me, corn, fruit
~Chicken Breasts (honey mustard and plum glazed), macaroni salad, onion rings, biscuits
~Italian Meatball Casserole, green beans
~Beddar Cheddar sausages (turkey for me), scrambled eggs (w/ veggies for me), fruit
~Nachos for the Super Bowl

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