Biscuit Pizzas

I thought it'd be fun to make homemade pizzas today with the kids. I had some whole wheat canned biscuits (that are really tasty by the way!) so we used that as our crust, spaghetti sauce as our sauce, and mozzarella cheese. The kids enjoyed making them but neither one of them ate very much. But it was all I could do not to eat them off their plates! I loved them. Glad there are some in the freezer that I may have to heat up for my own lunch sometime.

I had six extras so I froze them on a cookie sheet and then popped them in a bag to reheat for another day.


  1. we make these alot on family night very fun to make and it seems we all have our own taste

  2. We make these often too. We also add other ingredients. Lots of veggies, sometimes meats, whatever we have in the fridge.