Garden Update April 26, 2010

Our garden is coming along, some more than others. I am already learning things I will do differently next year, like making sure my husband listens and agrees with me that leaving pieces of grass in the dirt is a problem. He thought it would just die once it was covered with dirt but nope! Now I desperately need to go weed my garden and yes, you will see lots of grass in these pictures!

Zucchini is going crazy in the pots on the deck.



The one good watermelon plant

Strawberries are getting bigger and turning more red.


Carrot is getting a new leaf

Not sure what's up with the lima beans turning brown but they still look good.

Squash, that we're going to replant the two smaller ones because we have better ones still growing in cups inside.

Raspberries are coming along as well.


  1. Is this your first time planting a garden? And it looks like you have some in a box garden--did you build it yourself?
    I think we are going to try some gardening this year, but since we rent, I may just do it in big planters. I am kind of nervous though! I will have to keep checking your pictures for inspiration. :-)

  2. Sarah, this is our first time. We sort of did a raised bed but didn't fill it with what you should I don't think. My husband had his own ideas! He built them. We just tilled up our soil, which is not good soil, then covered it with topsoil and manure. But the pots that the zucchini are in we used some bagged stuff and they're growing like crazy so I think next year we might skip the topsoil/manure mixture and do the bagged stuff. Planters work good though. You can do all kinds of things in them.