Garden Update

Here's an update on the garden. We have everything planted now except the peppers that are going in a pot on the deck. I'm going to let them get a little bit bigger.


My onions perked up a little.

Watermelons are growing a third leaf.

Here's our second bed. This is butternut squash.

Lima Beans

Carrots...wimpy like the onions were but hoping they perk up too.

Strawberries...already have small green berries on them. That's exciting for my kids to see.

These are the zucchini I'm doing in pots on the deck. It was only a day or two ago that they got their third leaf and now they're already working on their fourth. These things are going crazy!


  1. wow! I love it when the kids like to help in the garden. Looks great!

  2. Your garden is so promising! We aren't able to put out our zucchini and other plants for another month. It does the heart good to see green in someone elses garden. :)

  3. Your doing great Vicki! I'm also working on getting my family to eat healthier meals and have started a garden as well, although yours looks a LOT better than mine does right now. I love reading your blog and seeing what ideas you have as well!