Garden Update June 18th

I missed my garden update last week but here it is now. It's doing very well other than some hail damage to some pepper plants.


The corn is as tall as me. Pretty big difference from my last blog post a week and half ago or so.

Squash getting some blooms.

Lima Beans

Have some carrots starting to show.

The strawberries have finally perked up and are looking so much better.

We have about five little watermelons so far. See a new one every other day or so.

No one warned me that watermelon take over the entire garden.



  1. Wow! It's amazing how much the garden changes in a just a few weeks!

  2. The watermelon are cute. I have planted anything that vines because I'm afraid it will take over our garden. Though late this summer when you are eating your melons I will probably be jealous. happy gardening!

  3. I am jealous of your zucchini. I had a grub worm infestation in mine and had to replant, so mine will be very late. Your garden looks fantastic!

  4. What cute melons! I can't wait til we get some on our vines:)

  5. Looks so good- especially the corn, as mine is only about four inches high. :-) Thanks for sharing at the TGP!