Menu Monday 6-14-10

The kids and I are heading to KC for the week but I'm leaving my hubby some food for while we're gone, since he doesn't cook at all. I have no idea what we'll be eating in KC but I'm sure bbq will be one of the nights.

Friday - Eat Out
Saturday - daughter's bday party: sandwiches, pasta salad, chips, fruit, spinach herb dip with bread
Sunday - we ended up getting Dairy Queen instead of the ham and veggie primavera I was supposed to make
Monday (for hubby) - homemade mac n cheese from freezer
Tuesday (for hubby) - fajitas
Wednesday (for hubby) - homemade chicken nuggets
Thursday - we're home: either ham and veggie primavera I didn't make on Sunday or a tuna tortellini salad.

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